Paintings That Tell StoriesInspiration. Adventure. Even mysteryImagined With Love. Created With Joy

Paintings That Tell Stories

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Inspiration. Adventure. Even mystery

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Imagined With Love. Created With Joy

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They say art speaks to the soul, and I agree. Whether it’s a painting or digital art, every piece shares its own story; inspires its own emotions. And whether you’re a child, an adult, or someone in between, art speaks to you differently than anyone else – that’s what makes unique art such a wonderfully warm conversation starter.

The art for kids (and adults) you’ll see here is a genuine labor of love: every piece gets a personality of its own with a colorful, vibrant style you’ll feel proud to display in your home. Which speaks best to you, and why? I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts.

Digital Art

Simple, modern elegance compliments any décor.

Art for kids

Beautiful stories, told with paint – art they will remember and treasure, even as adults.

Art for you

Multi-medium paintings and prints custom-created to match your style and brighten your home.

Unique designs

Gifts with distinction – show your friends, family, and coworkers you put real thought into this gift.


Most Popular: Safari and Woodland Themed Nursery Decor

Amazing Journey

Playful monkeys, shy zebra, jolly giraffe, clever elephant, curious toucan and proud, regal lion tour the world by train… Watch out for cranky crocodiles!

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Little Fox

Sleepy little fox waits for sunrise in his safe, cozy den – but the bright owl’s wide awake. Do you think she’ll come calling for another adventure?

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Moonlight Melody

Tonight, a musical mouse helps lull all the forest’s tiny creatures into peaceful slumber with his soothing melody. Even the shiny moon fell asleep…

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Tea Time

Mouse and Hedgehog are so excited. Enjoying tea with friends is always a good time! Who else is coming to the party, just now appearing between the trees?

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(Nursery wall art inspirations: cute polar bears, funny aliens, forest animals nursery decor, and more...)

Surprises For Loved Ones: Artful Gifts

Unique art makes the perfect gift for anyone of any age. It’s a treasure they and theirs will cherish for years to come, thinking of you every time they experience it.

In my store you will find not only children´s canvas art and posters (wall art for kids room, and for your home in general), but also a collection of beautiful, one of a kind designs.

Different gift ideas for kids: keepsake boxes, mirrors, wallets, notebooks, bags, ornaments, etc.

Creating art: my amazing journey…


My name’s Aga, and I’m a free spirit who treasures beauty in all forms. That’s what drew me to a career as a self-taught artist (it’s also why I’m a random guitar player, rock collector, and journey-into-the-unknown enthusiast, among other fun things).

I grew up in a lovely little village when children weren´t shut in, eyes glued to computer screens. Remember those days? Back then I’d spend every day, from sunrise to starlight, enjoying the world around me: playing with friends in the fresh air as we experienced, in every sense, the seasons changing around us. Discovering the world.

“Who needs TVs or fancy toys? There’s no time for that” we thought – imagination was everything to us.

We created wonders from what we discovered around us, using simple hunks of wood, flowers and stones. I loved the natural world so much, it inspired…

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What others say about my paintings…

The pictures [Snowy Trek, Underwater Firends] are cool because bears have clothes and on my Mermaid picture there’s a really cool eel hiding!

(Kuba, 4 years old)

This picture [Sweet Dreams] is so cool! The sleepy mousie has a teddy!

(Julia, 2 years old)

Looks brilliant [Birdy Tree]. I like it! Reminds me of my childhood… I’m sure children will enjoy stuff like this!

(Katja, a friend of mine)

My kids love these paintings [Snowy Trek, Sweet Dreams, and Underwater Friends]. They are very colorful and have a positive message. Characters are so cute you want to hug them. Each painting hides some little creatures you won’t notice at first glance. Kids love discovering them! I think these paintings are timeless: unlike popular characters from kids’ TV series, these will never go out of style.

(Margaret, mother of two)

My son loves it [Moonlight Melody] aka satisfied mom. 😀

(Sarah, one of the first buyers)

I like the atmosphere [Midnight Walk]. I can almost feel the fresh night breeze, and I love the idea that there is so much going on elsewhere while we sleep.

(Caio, a friend of mine)

Really beautiful picture [Birdy Tree] on high quality paper, looks beautiful in the nursery!

(Lizzie, one of the first buyers)

Amazing! Love your arts, so colorful and vibrant!

(Comment left on my Zazzle page)

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